Our Story

The first DaVinci Artisan Gelato openned in Mykonos Island in the Summer 2012 by a Team of F&B Experts.

The Idea is Simple : Produce In-House all the serving goods on Daily Basis based on Traditionnal Mediterranean recipes mixing old techniques withn the latest technology, using ony fresh ingredients without fat or preservatives.

Fresh, Healthy & Super Tastefull Products.

The tradition of Italian gelato is ancient and has an importance recognized throughout the world. In spite of the challenges this heritage has evolved and been handed down through the centuries with continuity and persistence right up to our times. Our gelato starts with passion, with the excellent Italian tradition to find and use and offer you only the best from the best ingredients.

But what is the gelato?

Gelato is a traditional Italian cold sweet consisting of simple and genuine ingredients (milk, sugar, cream, fruits, etc.). The mixture of these ingredients undergoes a rapid freezing and simultaneous shaking that allows it to incorporate air and assume that solid, soft and inviting appearance that we all know from childhood. Good gelato is characterized by that balance of seasonality, fresh ingredients, the absence of additives, dyes, hydrogenated fats, etc, a low content of air and a very rich taste.

This year, DaVinci successfully opened 3 new shops, Kifisia, Plaka and Varkiza resort & welcomes new markets in which to introduce and develop the DaVinci's Gelato concept.


350 470
cones of gelato
40 489
mini waffles
new fresh flavors

New Flavors

Sugar Free

Fruits seasonal fruits

Choco Lovers

Greek Taste

Original Flavors

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Feel free to contact us by email at : info@davincigelato.gr
Da Vinci - Monastiraki
50 Adrianou Street, Athens
T: +30 2103253863
Da Vinci - Mikonos
4 Kabani Coast
+30 2289300412
Da Vinci - Plaka
4 Selley Street, Athens
T: +30 2103226046
Da Vinci - Varkiza Resort
T: +30 2108972414
Da Vinci - Kifisia
19 Kassaveti Street, Kifisia